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Insomnia Cookies

Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

A few weeks ago, Spencer and Derek were in town, so we went to one of my fave restaurants, Peacefood, and then walked down to my apartment from there. On the way, we stopped for Insomnia Cookies on the UWS. We basically got one of everything, plus a couple extras ;)

They were pretty basic but they were straight out of the oven so warm and gooey. My favorite was the double chocolate mint cookie. I think I may have to find mint chips and create my own version…

Spencer enjoyed all of them :D

I think the best thing about these cookies is that they aren’t gigantic so you can just eat one and feel like you’re not consuming a zillion calories in one sitting.

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Charles’ Pan Fried Chicken

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

You know how sometimes you read a restaurant review and it literally calls your name? No? That’s weird… Happens to me ALL THE TIME. I saw a review for Charles Pan Fried Chicken and knew that we were meant to be together.

All you can eat fried chicken in Harlem? Yes, please!

I went with my trusty side-kick, Leslie. Theoretically, we should have been able to walk there from her temporary apartment but that unfortunately didn’t end up working out. We started walking on a highway towards Yankee Stadium and panicked because we thought we might get left for dead and no one would find us for weeks. We decided it may be a good idea to look up directions but Leslie didn’t want to take out her brand new iPhone because she didn’t want to get mugged, so of course, she made me take out MY phone. Apparently my life is worth less than hers. So to make a long and ridiculous story short, we ended up going back and forth across a bridge (we later found out we were on the right track) several times, burning many many calories, and then finally decided to just take a cab 9 blocks.

It was worth it. (See pictures)

I particularly liked the barbeque beef ;) We got all you can drink lemonade and a piece of corn bread as well! #win All of the food was amazing and generously seasoned. (There were a lot more options than pictured) The service was also great. There’s limited seating though, so if you want to take your food on the go, you can get a large plate for about $10.

For a $15 buffet, it’s definitely a good deal. Especially if you can put away a lot of food. I told Amy about it and she ended up going a few weeks later with her dad. Positive reviews all around. Amy recommends the smothered chicken.

If you’re in the neighborhood or just want to eat a ridiculous amount of food, I definitely recommend Charles’ Chicken.

Margot Restaurant

Monday, December 19th, 2011

After Leslie and I stuffed our faces at a baby shower, we decided that we wanted MORE food, so we perused on Yelp for some good eats. (this is why we are friends)

I found Margot Restaurant, which was nearby and therefore would take very little time to get to my door, and gave it a try since it had gotten some good reviews. We had been joking about fried chicken for the last…oh…two months, so the fact that it had fried chicken on the menu was clearly a huge draw.

Here’s the spread:

… for two people… who JUST ATE.

The fried chicken was, as expected, delicious. With some lime juice, it was perfection.

Here was the pepper steak that came highly recommended. It was… meh. Good but not anything to write home about, although I suppose that’s essentially what I’m doing.

The man on the phone INSISTED I get this rice and peas dish. Thank goodness I listened because it was my favorite out of everything we got. Salty and delicious with a hint of… lime juice? Divine. I ate it for two more meals.

Excuse the blurry picture. I was VERY excited to eat it.

We also got some straight-forward rice and beans, which were also very good. I think all of this food came to be just $22 so it was definitely a win.

If you’re ever in Harlem (which for most of you will be never), you should give it a try – although I hear the actual restaurant is pretty small and has very little seating. So… if you’re ever at my apartment, let’s order from Margot again. Consider this your invitation :)